Integrating the iGUIDE PLANIX camera into your business delivers the fastest way to produce accurate floor plans and 3D tours with an intuitive navigation experience. By using a time-of-flight lidar scanner, iGUIDE accuracy exceeds commercial and residential industry standards.

Control the iGUIDE PLANIX camera via the iGUIDE PLANIX mobile app.

The camera data is processed through our Data Processing Service and is then delivered as a client-ready package. Processing is priced per tour with no subscription fees.

In iGUIDE PLANIX Pro, Ricoh THETA Z1 lenses have been calibrated by Planitar. While linear and square footage measurements on the floor plans (Measure Mode 1) result from the laser scanner and have the same accuracy for all PLANIX models, PLANIX Pro can provide up to 3 times better accuracy when making linear measurements in 3D space using images (Modes 2 and 3) compared to uncalibrated lenses.